How to Play

Hover your mouse pointer over the image below and click on the hotspots to find out more. To solve the puzzle, you must fill in all of the boxes with the given numbers using the clues provided. Rows and columns may not contain repeats of the same number.

Blank gameboard for MathSquared
This is a 3x3 Level 1 puzzle. The grid is divided into cages. A cage may have one, two, or more than two squares.
image information

This image shows an iPad screenshot of the MathSquared game board. It is a 3x3 square box with the text "Puzzle 3101 (3x3) Level 1" in the upper left corner, and the name "Mac Gyver" on the upper right corner. The MathSquared logo is located on the left above the game board along with a Reset button and the Back button on the right. A cage in the puzzle encloses the uppermost left box and the box below it and has the clue "4+". Another cage encloses the center box in the top row and the center box in the second row with the clue "1-". The last column contains three single box cages starting at the top with "2" then "1" then "3" at the bottom. The final cage encloses the first two boxes in the third row and has the clue "1-". Below the game board, there is a Check My Work button and a Clear button along with a button that reads "Scratch Pad Off" and the numbers 1, 2 and 3 on the lower righthand side.