Getting Started

Before you can start playing MathSquared, first you need to log in, select a puzzle level, and select a puzzle to play. Hover your mouse pointer over the image below and click on the hotspots to find out more.

Logging In & Selecting A Puzzle

This is the login screen that appears when you open the application. You will need to log in each time you open the app.

screenshot of the login dialogue
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This image shows a screenshot of the login screen you encounter when you open the MathSquared application. The main puzzle selection screen is grayed-out, and a white dialogue box covers it. The text at the top of the box reads, "Please log in." At the bottom of the box, two buttons appear. The button on the left reads, "New Player." The button on the right reads, "Log-In."

This is the level selection screen. Here you can choose the size of the puzzle and level of challenge.

screenshot of the level select screen
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This image shows a screenshot of the puzzle selection screen. At the top left of the screen there is the MathSquared logo. On the top right of the screen, it reads, "Welcome, Mac Gyver". The "Play!" panel is open and highlighted in blue. There is a level key at the top of the panel which reads, "Level 1 = [blue], Level 2 = [yellow], Level 3 = [red]". The puzzle selection area is below this key, laid out in a grid pattern with "3x3", "4x4", "5x5", "6x6" and "7x7" at the tops of the columns indicating the size of the puzzles. The three rows of puzzles follow the pattern of blue (top row), yellow (middle row), and red (bottom row). Some puzzles are grayed-out in the puzzle selection screen. Below the "Play!" panel is the "About" panel, which is closed.

This is the puzzle selection screen. You can choose any puzzle you want to try on this screen. All of the puzzles in a level are the same size and difficulty.

screenshot of the Level 1 3x3 puzzle select screen