How to Play

Hover your mouse pointer over the image below and click on the hotspots to find out more. To solve the puzzle, you must balance the scales using all of the shapes provided. Remember that a puzzle is not solved unless you use all of the shapes provided at the bottom of the screen!

screenshot of a blank green level 2 puzzle
image information

This image shows an iPad screenshot of the MathScaled game board. It is a mobile-like balance in the center with a second balance hanging from the right side of the top balance. One shape (a yellow triangle) hangs on the left side of the second balance. Along the bottom of the screen there are three stacks of shapes: (from left to right) yellow triangles, blue hourglasses, and green diamonds. At the top of the screen, the MathScaled logo is located on the left, a Clear Shapes button is in the center, and a Back button on is on the right. In the lower right corner of the screen above the stacks of shapes, there is a green tab labeled "Compar-O-Tron." In the lower left corner of the screen, there is a button labeled "Scratch Pad" with the word "Off" below it.