What is iSolveIt?

iSolveIt is a mobile digital learning environment that supports the development of logical thinking and reasoning skills, which are essential competencies of algebra and mathematics in general. The environment includes a collection of tablet-based puzzles that have been designed using the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Why Puzzles?

We selected puzzles because they offer greater flexibility in terms of entry points and pathways, as well as the kinds of supports and scaffolds that can be integrated into the experience. Puzzles provide a natural format for developing reasoning skills. By teaching algebraic reasoning skills in a context that does not appear to be math-specific, puzzles address affective barriers to learning (e.g., math anxiety). Providing different types of puzzles offers practice across multiple representations, which is critical for developing the ability to generalize.

How Do I Get Started?

iSolveIt puzzles are currently available for the iPad. Two iPad-based apps have been created during this first phase of the project – MathSquared and MathScaled. Both are freely available through the iTunes store.