About iSolveIt

About the project

iSolveIt puzzles are designed so that they are not curriculum specific or dependent on any particular math content; they can be used at different grade levels and throughout a yearlong curriculum. The puzzles focus on aspects of reasoning important in algebra (e.g., finding patterns or functions, creating models, working with variables, making predictions). There are several different ways to solve the puzzles, and many puzzles have more than one solution, allowing for flexibility in thinking. Students can solve the same puzzle while trying out different strategies. Each puzzle format has multiple levels of complexity. Students can select puzzles that they find challenging and do not have to follow any specific path through the puzzle set.

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To contact the project team with feedback or questions, email isolveit@cast.org.

Who created iSolveIt?

CAST created iSolveIt with support from the Oak Foundation, the Intel Foundation, Eastern Bank, and the Cabot Family Charitable Trust. Programming has been done by FNX Studios, a software consulting firm based in Bellevue, Washington specializing in agile product development and creative design. The puzzles were piloted at the Boston Arts Academy, the Edison K-8 School (Boston, MA), Tyngsborough (MA) Middle School, and the Fayerweather Street School in Cambridge, MA.