Incorporate reasoning into the classroom.

iSolveIt puzzles provide an engaging way for students to develop the logical thinking and reasoning skills that are essential in mathematics.

iSolveIt: MathSquared

MathSquared is a series of grid-based puzzles using basic math operations that help develop logical thinking and reasoning strategies. Puzzles have different levels of difficulty and include embedded supports for solving.

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iSolveIt: MathScaled

MathScaled is based on a balance-scale format. The goal is to place different shapes with unknown weights on the scale so that it is balanced. Puzzles have embedded supports to help solve them, and there are several different levels of difficulty.

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Learning analytics

Knowing how a student solves a puzzle is as important as the correct solution. Every action a student takes in solving a puzzle can be recorded in a database. Plans for iSolveIt include creating a format for displaying this data to help teachers see how students solve the puzzles and how their strategies change over time.

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